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For Lennox

A very dear friend wrote this poem for Zoë when we lost Lennox. At the time, I didn’t want to post it because I needed to focus on her so much that I had to wall off a lot of my grief for Lennox and part of that meant hiding away the things that reminded me of him. It’s such a lovely tribute to him, though, that I wanted to share it.

Two Souls, One Heart (Zoe’s Loss)

You gave yourself so I could thrive,
Through me you’ll always be alive,
What was for you an end, for me a start,
I guess we’re two souls in one beating heart.

You didn’t stay long by my side,
For each moment lost, tears were cried,
But still, I know we’ll never be apart,
Because we’re two souls in one beating heart.

The years will pass without you here,
I may forget you through the years,
But I’ll feel you brother, my missing part,
Forever two souls in one beating heart.

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